“Wake Me Up Inside” – Chapter 19

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1

Relationships: John Sheppard/Evan Lorne, Carson Beckett/Radek Zelenka, Rodney McKay/Ronon Dex, Markham/Stackhouse, Daniel Jackson/Cameron Mitchell (Eventually)

Genre: ShapeShifter (Mythological Creatures and regular animals), Angst, Alternate Reality

Rating: M

Warnings for this chapter: Slight angst, schmoop, First time shift

Word Count: 36,748

I recently received beautiful art from Fanarts. I love it! I hope you enjoy it too!

Wake Me Up Inside



The next morning, Ronon and Rodney visited the market on the mainland. Rodney was being very particular about the ring that he wanted to buy for Ronon to theoretically wear. He wanted something a little more than the traditional, simple metal wedding band. With the help from Teyla, Rodney and Ronon knew which sellers were the most reliable on the mainland and would help them with the wedding bands.

When he spotted a black tinted metal ring that had animal prints imprinted around the ring with two separate glyphs from the stargate on each side of the ring, he was thinking that it would be cool to wear something like that around his finger.

Rodney went to pick up the ring and further investigate it.

“Do you like it?” the seller asked.

“It’s interesting. Could you customize the footprints and the stargate glyphs?”

The seller was quiet for a few minutes, contemplating the request from Rodney. “Yes, assuming we have a cast or picture to use for comparison.”

Turning to Ronon, Rodney said, “I was thinking this ring would be good but we would wear each other’s animal’s footprint. What do you think?”

Ronon took the ring from Rodney and examined the ring. It reminded him of home and it would like them together, after all, his footprints would always lead back to Rodney.

“I like it.” Turning to the seller, he asks, “How long until the rings could be available?”

“For two, about a week?”

“Sounds good.”

“The footprints?”

“Red Dragon and Nemean Lion.”

“You’re the Keeper of Atlantis and the Protector of the Keeper. It is my honor.” The seller had a huge smile and thought that the two looked familiar but kept his mouth shut in case he was wrong.

“In regards to our footprints, could you sketch what our animal feet are like?”

“Yes, but it would require space.”

“Not really. Do you have some private space around here?”

“Yes, please come to the back area, where my office is.”

The three go to the back part of the tent, once the seller had his assistant go to the forward part to make sure that someone is keeping an eye on the items.

“How will this work?”

Ronon removed his boots and pants, which caused Rodney to growl a bit. Rodney did not like Ronon undress in front of others but he knew it was for a good cause so he tried to rein it in.

Ronon took a few deep breaths and from his feet to his knees, his body started to change into lion shape.

“Wow. I heard legends about shapeshifters being able to do this but I’ve yet to see it happen before. It’s amazing. I’ll sketch you know.”

With great excitement, the seller sat down and sketched Ronon’s lion feet. When he was done drawing Ronon’s feet, Rodney disrobed his boots and pants and shaped his feet into dragon feet. The seller kept laughing with glee as he drew the footprints.

Once the drawings were done and approved by Rodney and Ronon, they left the seller to view some more of the market. Ronon was always on the lookout for new, pretty knives.


“Should you invest some chew toys for your lion?” Sheppard smirked as Rodney sat down next to him in the cafeteria.

“It’s not that bad, well, compared to how Evan gets with you. Trust me, your neck at times can look ten times worse.”

“How did the trip the mainland go the other day?”

“Well. We should have the rings in a few days. I assume you want to still be there when we try it with Atlantis?”

“Yes, please. So does Carson.”

“I’ll make sure that I e-mail a memo to everyone to inform them about the possible experiment. Maybe we could sell tickets and earn some extra cash or chocolate or coffee.”

“I’m laughing…on the inside. Really.”

“I kno-….” Rodney starts to talk but then stops as he sees images flash through his mind. When he concentrates a bit, he notices where the images must be coming from.

“I need…” Rodney just takes off from the table. He feels like he is being guided by the images and maybe Atlantis to where it is happening.

A few minutes later, Rodney and John are entering the shifter lounge where Miko is on the ground, convulsing with her arms wrapped around her midsection.

“Shit. She’s going through her first change. Why isn’t anyone around? Get Carson. NOW!”

Rodney doesn’t wait for John’s response before slowly approaching Miko and trying to talk to her while laying her body out.

“Miko, it’s Rodney. Please be alright and don’t do anything stupid. If you do, then you will be on sanitation duty for a month.”

As he talks, he notices that Miko’s body is slowly calming down. He slowly reaches out and runs his hand through Miko’s hair, trying to provide the support for her, until Carson can come.

As Carson enters the shifter lounge area, he notices the tell-tale signs of shapeshifting.

“Rodney, get back. Let her change. We would cause more harm to her and her shifter animal by preventing or restricting it.”

Rodney stepped back to where Carson and John were, watching and waiting to see what animal Miko would be.

Miko’s body elongates, while her feet and hands become more claw-like. Her skin becomes leathery, with a bluish tint. Her head narrows and becomes more snake-like with a small white beard.

“Wow. A Chinese dragon. Amazing. I don’t think there’s been more than one dragon in one place before.” Carson mutters.

“You are correct, Healer of Atlantis.” Atlantis responded as she appeared in the lounge. “She’s destined to be the apprentice and back-up to the Keeper of Atlantis.”

“Planning on me dying already?” Rodney commented, while Ronon growled at his mate’s words. Ronon arrived with Carson. Ronon had been visiting Carson when he was called over the comm.

“I would never want any of you to die, Keeper of Atlantis. If you had an apprentice, then you would get more work done here and elsewhere. You would be able to go on more away missions and worry less about us.”

“I would never stop worrying about you, Atlantis, but Miko is one of the best of my minions, so there is some hope.”

“She has already learned a great deal about my systems and the Ancient language, since she has come here. Have faith in her, Keeper of Atlantis. I chose carefully for you.”

“Thank you, Atlantis. I look forward to training her.”

“Healer of Atlantis, her mate hasn’t fully changed yet. Can you please keep an eye on her?”

“Yes, Atlantis. I was going to take her back to the infirmary when she has finished going through her first change.”

When Carson noticed that Miko was changing back to human form, he unfolded the blanket that he brought with him and wrapped it around Miko, while softly telling her what happened. Carson knew that many of the scientists and military men were having issues going through the first shift and how disorientated they tended to be for a short time afterwards.

“I’ll come back to the infirmary with you, Carson. I want to make sure that nothing is wrong with Miko. We should also contact her good friend, Dr. Porter. Her presence will most likely help soothe Miko.” Rodney stated.

Rodney went to the other side of Miko and helped Carson walk her to the infirmary. Rodney and Carson kept up a streaming conversation around Miko so she knew that she was among friends and if she wanted to join the conversation, then she can.

When they arrived in the infirmary, Carson placed her on one of the beds, off to the side so she would have some privacy from the rest of the patients and staff. Carson went through the routine of tests to make sure that things were in order, after a person experienced their first shift. Upon finding no issues, he told John and Rodney his results. Once they were satisfied that Miko would be alright, they told Carson that they would be back later to check in with her. Rodney did quickly swing by Miko’s room to collect her tablet so she had something to read, if she wanted the distraction and was up for it.

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