Fight to Win – Chapter 5 – Thothkristen

Title: Fight to Win

Author: Thothkristen

Fandoms/Genre: SGA/SG1, Covert Affairs and Pacific Rim

Relationships: Evan Lorne/Auggie Anderson (eventually), John Sheppard/Rodney McKay (eventually), maybe some other minor pairings as the story is written

Content Rating for this section: R

Warning for this section: Language, GoldenBoy!Evan, teasing between brother and sister, snark

Word Count: 2,401 / 10,132


Two days later, General O’Neill called a meeting with the team that went to Antarctica and SG1 to the conference room off of the gate room.

“We have a go with the trip to Flagstaff. Since we don’t want to tip everyone off that there might be something that is residing near Flagstaff, it will only be Major Lorne’s team with Dr. McKay, Dr. Sheppard and Dr. Jackson, along with Dr. Beckett, going to Flagstaff. I will have SG4 on stand-by, in case disaster happens. What am I saying? With three geeky trouble magnets going, there will no doubt be trouble.”

“I can quit, you know. Many people would love to have me work for them.” Rodney said sternly.

“No one would keep you will supplied in chocolate and coffee like we do and provide you with some….good distraction.” Jack supplied politely, trying not to look at Daniel or John.

“Jack, will Major Lorne be leading the team?” Daniel asked.

“Actually, I was thinking that he might be a bit busy, especially if you find this Azawhatsitwhooseit base thing and it’s powered by Ancient technology. I have a feeling he will become the equivalent of the ‘Human Lightswitch’. Therefore, I was going to have Colonel Mitchell temporary switch over to Lorne’s team to be the primary leader with Lorne second in command. Mitchell, I do expect you to listen to Dr. McKay and Dr. Sheppard and Major Lorne if it relates to the Ancient technology.”

“Understood, sir.”

“What will SG1 be doing?” Lt. Colonel Carter quietly asked.

“SG1 will be going to a planet that might have an ally who might help us with this Kaiju war on Earth or at least help supply us with some cool toys.”

“With Daniel going to Flagstaff, who will be our geek?”

“Jonas Quinn. He has heard of the race that you’ll be visiting with.”

“When do you leave?”

“Within the next two hours. The team going to Flagstaff will leave in the morning. You have until then to get your affairs in order. Plan on being there for at least a week, if not more. Nothing else?”

Upon hearing no objections or questions, General O’Neill said, “Dismissed.”

Everyone cleared out of the room to head towards their own labs or training rooms.

Evan went back to his room to pack, which wasn’t much. He decided to call his sister before leaving, especially since he wasn’t sure when he would be able to talk to her again.

Pulling out his cell, he dialed his sister’s phone number.

“Evan, long time, no hear.” Sherri chided her brother. She knows that he’s been busy with active duty. She just wished he would call her more often or visit. She wasn’t picky.

“Sorry. Been busy.”

“Bullshit. You know I can see through your lies.”

“Work has been busy.”

“Maybe. But knowing you, all work and no play makes a very grumpy Evan. I want you to be happy, Ev. Whatever it takes.”

“I am happy.”

“You are just fooling yourself.”

“Not everyone is happy being a married, mother of 2 beautiful children.”

“I know you love your niece and nephew very much.”

“I love my family very much.”

“I take it this means that you’ll be off the grid for a while? I know you usually call like this when you are either going to be visiting or when you are going to be disappearing for a while.”

“You know me too well. My team is going on a mission tomorrow. Don’t entirely know when I’ll be back or be able to call you again.”

“Will Danny be going with you?”

“Yes. He and two of his geek buddies will be with me. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad, based on how much all three of them attract trouble on their own. Now, they are all together, it might cause trouble to come out of the woodwork.”

“Be nice. He’s always been good to you.”

“I am. How are my niece and nephew doing?”

“They are doing well and keep asking when Uncle Danny and Uncle Evan are coming to visit. Do you think you can drag Danny with you when you come home next?” Sherri knew that nothing romantic would happen between Evan and Daniel but she kept hoping that they would end up in loving relationships. She would, of course, have first dibs on interrogating their boyfriend, just like any older sister would.

“Probably. He loves interacting with them. I know he misses them. I’m hoping to at least swing a weekend visit after this next mission but we will see.”

“There is a part of me that hates the fact that you have to keep so much from me. Then again, if I knew the details, I think I would worry even more. Please be safe. I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to you.”

“I will try the best that I can.”

“See that you do and please give Danny a hug from me and his niece and nephew. Will bribing you and Danny with some home-baked cookies if you come to visit help?”

“You know how to make our mouths water with all of that delicious food. Argh. You are evil.”

“But you love me.”

“Yes, I do. I need to go and finish packing. Give my love to everyone.”

“Give a hug to Danny for me and have him give you a hug from me.”

“That…almost made sense. Love you.”

“Love you too.”

Evan pulled his cell phone away from his face and closed it. He knew that he could have talked to his sister a bit more but it always hurt him that he couldn’t go into details with her about the mission or how it might change the fight against the Kaiju. Deciding he needed to be around his friends, he went to Daniel’s lab to see what ancient text he was going over now and bug him about food soon.


The next morning, Mitchell’s team took an airplane to Luke Air Force Base in Glendale, Arizona and then drove two cars up to Flagstaff. Before they got into the cars to drive to Flagstaff, they all changed into civilian clothing so they would blend in better. They all dressed like typical hikers, going out for a hike up the mountain, with some extra boxes and gear.

Since Evan and Cameron did not want a headache on the drive up to Flagstaff, they broke up the personnel so not all of the geeks were in one place. They would try the saint’s patience, if a saint happened to be in the car with them.

When they get closer to Flagstaff, they stopped at a local restaurant to eat and figure out a strategy on where to look for Aztlan. They knew, generally, where Aztlan was supposed to be located. Initially, they thought it was supposed to located nearer to the crater of the volcano. Upon further inspection, they realized that it was more likely to be residing in the nearby mountain range. With a path that was normally used for hikers, the team had a plan in mind. They drove to their starting point and parked the trucks in one of the off the road parking lots. They hoped that their trucks wouldn’t raise too many questions but they also weren’t sure how long they might be camping in the mountains.

Getting out of the truck, Mitchell yells, “Everyone gather your gear and let’s start trekking up the mountain. Dr. Jackson, you have the map for the possible location for us.”

“Yes, right here. If we are lucky, we should get to the cave in about three hours.”

“Why don’t you lead the way? Markham, please stay close to Dr. Jackson. I don’t want anything happen to him.”

“Yes, sir.”

Once seeing everyone is all set to leave, Mitchell bellows, “Let’s head out. Stackhouse and Miller, I want you two to bring up the rear.”

“Yes, sir.” They both responded in unison.

Everyone turned and started to head up the trail that slowly goes up the mountain. To pass time, Rodney and John talked about their various projects.

“Why must there be so many death traps around us?” Rodney moans.

“This is nature, not a death trap.” John replies in a calm manner.

“Please. There are bugs that are trying to eat me and loose branches that are trying to trip me.”

“How did you survive childhood?”

“By reading a lot and staying in the house to pester my sister? I graduated high school by the age of 15. I grew up fast.”

“I’m sorry. Everyone should have a childhood where they get to imagine things and learn to explore new parts of the world, including the woods in your backyard.”

“Not everyone had a cool uncle who would visit and tell awesome war stories to make the military sound so interesting.” Rodney said with some anger in his voice.

“Why not live a little now?” John said with a waggle of his eyebrows.

“When we are on a mission and need to pay attention to things?” Rodney said with great disbelief in his voice.

“We are in Arizona, not even off planet. I think we can let our defenses down a little bit.”

Not wanting to respond to John’s query, Rodney turned his head to ask Daniel, “How much longer do we have until we get to the cave?”

Daniel looking up from his map says, “It should just be around this bend, I do believe.”

They walk to around the corner but they only see thick trees with leaves and moss.

“Does anyone see the cave?” Colonel Mitchell asks.

“Yes, it’s right over there.” Major Lorne responds and points in the direction that he is talking about.

Everyone turns to see where they might have overlooked the cave to only see more trees and rocks.

“Are you sure? I only see trees and rocks.” Mitchell said in a disbelieving tone.

“Me too.” Stackhouse responded.

“But it’s there. I can see it.”

“It could be possible that Major Lorne can see the entrance and maybe access the cave because of his ATA gene. Maybe a security measure that the Ancients put in place to make sure no one but a descent of their race can access the main base for Aztlan.” John theorized.

“Major Lorne, why don’t you cautiously try to see if you can enter the cave? We will wait here, in case there are more security measures to prevent anyone going in there.” Mitchell responded.

“Yes, sir.” Major Lorne responded.

He cautiously walked to the cave’s entrance with his hands raised and his gun sitting by the strap on his chest, just in case he needs it. When he is at the entrance, he pushes his hand in front of him and he feels a little buzz up his arm, like he has crossed a barrier. Upon seeing no damage to his hand, he walks through the barrier to see a dark cavern. As he tries to grab his flashlight to look around, he hears a buzzing and clicking in the background. Soon, lights have been turned on around him and he sees for the first time how huge the area is.

The walls are white with a soft glow to them. The tables look to be housing units for computers and other technological things. Evan guessed that it might be one of the main communication centers or labs in the place.

Evan starts to hear a soft static buzz in his head, compelling him to touch the wall.

“Welcome, ancestor.” A female voice says in Evan’s head.

“Thank you. Can you lower your barrier?” Evan asked hesitantly.

“No. They are not descendants.”

“They won’t harm you.”

“Do you have proof?”

Evan opened up his mind to show the voice what he and his colleagues have done previously, including visiting the Ancient outpost in Antarctica. He showed how many times he and his teammates have saved people and helped their allies out of tight situations.

It seemed like many hours before the voice says, “Very well. The barrier will be lowered but they will be monitored.”

“Thank you.”

Evan pulled his hand away from the wall and waited for the other to join him.

A few minutes later, Evan hears, “Major Lorne? Are you in there? Is it safe?” Mitchell’s gruff voice.

“I’m fine, Colonel Mitchell. It’s amazing in here.” Evan said with great awe in his voice.

Evan hears the heavy footfalls of his colleagues entering the cave and the gasps as they take in the surrounding area.

Upon seeing the cast of a lion’s head near the doorway, Rodney growls, “Now, it’s fucking with me.”

“When will you learn to stop thinking of my theories as hogwash, Rodney?” Daniel quipped. He’s used to Rodney not giving a second thought to his various theories about civilizations and their mythologies. Granted, Daniel wasn’t completely sure about the connection until just now as well.

“When you can keep producing results like this or actually make sense? I’m not too picky.” Rodney responded.

“My theories, more times than not, do produce results.”

Evan whistled and caught everyone’s attention. “I wanted to let everyone know that this technology is sentient like Antarctica. She wasn’t going to allow you in, until I showed her that she could trust all of us. She said she would allow you in but would monitor everyone. For now, I would approach everything with extreme caution. I don’t entirely know what she is capable of doing, if you are caught doing something that she doesn’t like.”

“Do you know if this place has a chair like the outpost?” John queried.

“Yes, it does.”

“Do you know where?”

“Just down the hall. I assume you want me to do the honors of sitting in the chair while I query the interface again?”

“It would be useful to see what’s available here.”

“True but I don’t want to annoy her or piss her off.”

“Why don’t we just do a few simple queries and go from there?”

“Alright. Let’s go.”

Evan turned on his heels and headed down the hallway with John and Rodney following him with two military men. Evan just hoped that the interface truly believed that she was in good hands with him and his colleagues.

About thothkristen

I love writing slash fiction, especially if it deals with shifters and mythology. I use my Wordpress account for Writings in Progress and my Archive of Our Own Account for when a work is completed and has been betaed.
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  1. christella says:

    this is fascinating crossover.

    more soon please

  2. FanArts_Series says:

    Great, good balance between the characters.

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