FIght to Win – Chapter 2 – Thothkristen

Title: Fight to Win

Author: Thothkristen

Fandoms/Genre: SGA/SG1, Covert Affairs and Pacific Rim

Relationships: Evan Lorne/Auggie Anderson (eventually), John Sheppard/Rodney McKay (eventually), maybe some other minor pairings as the story is written

Content Rating for this section: PG-13

Warning for this section: Language, geeking out

Word Count: 4, 052 / 50,000



Unfortunately, Jack O’Neill’s gut was correct. The monsters kept attacking various countries through the world. The world government started to get together to pool their resources and form the Pan Pacific Defense Corps in 2014. In addition, the scientific community tried to come up with new weapons to use against the aliens. The monsters started to come every 6 months, but recently, they’ve been coming every 3 months and seem to have gotten stronger and harder to kill.

The worst part was that it seemed like there was a variety of Kaiju so the militaries had to make sure that they could handle anything. The Kaiju that attacked San Francisco was called “Trespasser” and it had a very thick skin with a height of 92 meters. Some people nicknamed the monster “Axe-head” due to what looked like an axe that sprouted from its’ nose to forehead region on the face. The second Kaiju looked like a lovechild of a T-Rex and sword-fish and it was nicknamed ‘Knifehead’.

A group of scientists came up with a huge, fighting robot called Jaegers. The Jaegers were about 10 meters tall with an interface that a person can interact with by connecting in the “brain” of the robot through a metal spine that engaged the cortex of the pilot’s brain.

The pilots, people manning the Jaegers, had to go through rigorous mental and physical examinations to make sure that they would be able to handle the piloting job after they enlisted in the Jaeger Academy. In addition to the examinations, the pilots had to successfully fight a Kaiju in simulation fight. If they succeeded in everything, then they were assigned a Jaeger to man. At first, the scientists thought they would only need one person to interact with it but it proved to be too much for the human mind. When they tried it with two pilots manning the robot, the robot responded well and there was less effect on the humans. Furthermore, the scientists realized that the pilots would need a connection in order for the strength of the robot to be strong enough to fight the Godzilla-like monsters. The connection could be through family or friendship or lovers. As long as the pilots had it, then the Jaeger was most likely going to win the fight. One of the best Jaegers is called Gipsy Dangers, which is piloted by Yancy Becket and his brother, Raleigh Becket. The Becket brothers were assigned their Jaeger in early 2017 so they could help protect the Alaskan coastline.

In the mean time, the SGC were trying other avenues to find a way to stop the problem or come up with a better way of combating these aliens invading their planet. The premiere SGC team, SG1, upped their team missions, in hopes of finding the elusive Lost City of Atlantis or Aztlan or an ally that would help them against the fight or provide them with a weapon that would help with the issue.

With the latest world-threatening crisis that wasn’t the Kaiju averted, Daniel was able to convince Jack to allow him and a small team to go to the Antarctica. Daniel made sure that he had all of the primary books with him to use as a basis. He had thought up of a couple of questions that Carson could ask the Ancient interface. Major Lorne was going along as the team leader and for safety.

Once the team arrived in the Antarctica base, they went in different directions: Major Lorne and his four military members searched the base to make sure everything was secure, Daniel went to the nearby desk and took out his texts that he immediately consulted, and Dr. Beckett went to take a short nap. Dr. Sheppard and Dr. McKay went to the main control room to look things over before they attempted to turn on the equipment, manually.

As Major Lorne was going around the room, he noticed that the equipment was starting to light up. Becoming concerned, he decided to ask Dr. McKay about it.

“Dr. McKay, are you turning on the equipment?”

“Nope. Why do….” Rodney stopped when he looked up to see what was going on. “You must have the ATA gene and a very strong one at that, based on the way the equipment is reacting to you.”

Due to the various crises going on, including the medical issues that have come from being a pilot for the Jaegers and dealing with Kaiju, Dr. Beckett hadn’t been able to thoroughly figure out how to isolate the ATA gene. The main test that they had to figure out if the person had the gene was by being around the Ancient technology. At the moment, the Antarctica base had the most Ancient technology that the SGC had access to so it’s primarily through the visits there that they figured out who had the gene. No one made the equipment like Major Lorne has, except for General O’Neill.

“Haven’t you been to this base before?” John asked Evan.

“Never had the time. When it was discovered, I was off-world and haven’t had a chance to come here for a mission until now.”

“Why don’t you slowly go to the chair and lay down in it?” Rodney said. He figured that Evan would have the best chance of having the chair telling him the answers to Daniel’s questions about the Atlantis mythology.

Evan disengages his gun from his front side and hands it off to Markhouse. He turns to say, “Keep watch. Make sure nothing bad happens to anyone. If it does, then you will be on KP duty for a month.”

“Yes, sir.”

Evan turns and slowly approaches the chair. As he does, the chair starts to glow white with a bluish tint. He slowly reaches out with a hand and when he finds that nothing happens, he slowly lowers himself in the chair. Once he is fully seated, the chair reclines back as Evan’s mind engages with the Ancient interface in the chair.

In the distance, Evan hears Rodney say, “Why don’t you see if you can get the chair to show you what Earth looks like?”

Evan closes his eyes and focuses on the request. When he hears gasps, he opens his eyes to see a 3D beach-ball size representation of Earth.

“Major, can you please ask about Atlantis?” Evan hears Daniel ask.

Evan focuses on Atlantis but when he doesn’t hear any reaction, he opens his eyes to see that the 3D globe hadn’t change.

“How about Aztlan?”

When Evan tries to think about Aztlan, he tries to picture what it looked like so that the interface might have an idea what he is asking about. Soon, he hears a shout of triumphant, which probably means Daniel having found the location.

Evan slowly opens his eyes to see that the globe is no more. Instead, it shows an image of Arizona with a bright light, almost beacon-like, flashing just north of Flagstaff.

“There is a volcano near there. Could Aztlan have been a part of that region but was destroyed when the volcano erupted?” John asked.

“Maybe. It could be like America’s version of Pompeii. I can’t believe that Aztlan had been in our backyard all of this time.”

“You did not think to look on Earth?” Rodney asked like he was offended that Daniel did not think to inquire about Atlantis on Earth.

“Well, based on the fact that our Egyptian gods are actually aliens from our galaxy, I thought this might have been a similar thing. I did give Earth a cursory look but I decided that it had a greater chance of it being somewhere out in the galaxy. Major Lorne, can you ask the interface about any protector of Aztlan?”

Evan closes his eyes and thinks about the Jaegers that he has seen. If Daniel is correct, than the protector might look like one of the Jaegers. After a few minutes, he starts to see images in his head that look similar to the Jaegers but seem to have a different shine to it. The images start to go through the schematics of it and show the various variations on the arms and what powers it. Evan tries to ask the interface to e-mail the schematics to John, Rodney and Daniel since all three would drool over them. Next, Evan queries the interface about the history of the protector. After a short while, Evan slowly disengages his mind and body from the chair.

“Did you check your e-mail, Dr. McKay, Dr. Sheppard and Dr. Jackson?”

He saw all three scramble to their own computer and check their work e-mail. When they started to fist pump into their air and scream for joy, Evan knew that the interface had sent them the information.

“It looks like my work here is done.” Evan said as he rose from the chair.

“For now. We will need your help with this project. The interface clearly likes you and your ATA gene. You will want to pack your bags since you’ll be coming with us to Arizona.” Rodney said with a smirk on his face. With the information that Evan was able to get from equipment, he knew that Jack would re-assign Evan to Arizona, to help with the dig. With the proof of the protector, there are good chances that it is still residing in Arizona, where Aztlan is. Rodney McKay had strong faith that General Jack O’Neill would approve the mission to find Aztlan in Arizona but nothing was certain until Jack O’Neill signed off on it.

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I love writing slash fiction, especially if it deals with shifters and mythology. I use my Wordpress account for Writings in Progress and my Archive of Our Own Account for when a work is completed and has been betaed.
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  1. iadorespike says:

    So, John’s not military and Lorne has a stronger expression of the gene than John does…hmmm. Interesting. And Atlantis is in Arizona? Can’t wait to see how that plays out.

    Thanks so much!

  2. Elfqueen says:

    Very nice. Can’t wait for more. *wiggles pom poms*

  3. FanArts_Series says:

    Oh girl, it’s almost better than porn, intriguing plot.

  4. greywolfthewanderer says:

    yaiii, Dr. Sheppard, huh? ooo… tell us moar! *grin*

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