“And the Sniper Makes Three….” – Chapter 15

Warning: Mpreg, Snark, Protective!Ian, Angst, Family Interactions, Homophobia, Harsh Words, Verbal Abuse


After taking a brief nap, Charlie joined Ian and his mother in the kitchen. They seemed to be catching up on the latest family gossip and the latest news in both of their lives. Charlie waits at the entrance, not wanting to intrude on their private time. Even though Ian might not say it, Charlie knows that Ian is very protective of his family, especially his mother.

Upon hearing Charlie fidget with his feet, Ian turned to say, “How was your nap?”

“It was heavenly. It’s a bit embarrassing with how much I’ve been sleeping lately.”

“Your body is defying science by trying to grow our child. I think you can give it a break in trying to regain it’s energy.” After a short pause, Ian continues to say, “Besides, your energy is going to a good cause.”

Ian walks up to Charlie while sliding his arms down his back and pulls him into a tight hug. Ian pulls slightly back and kisses Charlie light on his lips.

“Do you want a snack before dinner?”

“Actually, yes, that would be good. Do you have some more of that lemon pie?” Charlie asks with hope in his eyes.

Softly chuckling, Ian’s mother responds, “Yes, there is more of that pie. I think it’s a hit. What do you think, Ian?”

She goes to the cabinet to pull out the plate and serves Charlie a slice of the lemon pie.

“I think I might need to stock up on it before we leave.” Ian softly chuckles and kisses Charlie’s hair.

“Not my fault. Blame your daughter.”

“I would, if I didn’t already know that you LOVED lemon pie BEFORE you became pregnant.” Ian returned dryly.

“Since I’ve gotten this way, my desire to have it has grown ten-fold, if not to the “nth” degree.”

“Sure, sure. Blame the child. Let’s see what else you blame her for.” Ian returns with a wink.

Ian’s mother looks at them with fondness in her eyes. She loves the fact that Charlie brings out the best in Ian and almost makes him more human. She knows that since Ian has become a sniper, he built a wall around his heart and his emotions. He’s always tried to hide it when around his family but she could see the signs and knew that he was hiding in his own way.

At dinner, Rob, Susan, Ian and Charlie sat at the kitchen table, talking about some of the cases that Charlie and Ian have been a part of. They never gave specific details but could talk about the various ways that Charlie’s math had help break a case that would have otherwise been unresolved or took a lot longer to solve.

When there is a lull in the conversation, Rob mutters, “If it wasn’t for his brother, he would never have worked with FBI in the first place.”

“What did you say?” Ian replied angrily.

“You heard me. Charlie would never have worked with FBI if it wasn’t for his brother.”

“That is utter bullshit. He had the fucking clearance BEFORE he tried to help Don with his case. He’s been helping the various alphabet organizations for many years.”

“Why would they trust him? He’s a fucking faggot and a complete freak.” He said with a sneer with anger in his eyes.

“Mom, it’s been lovely but Charlie and I are leaving. I warned you about this.”

Ian abruptly gets up from the table and is about to meet Charlie at the doorway when he hears his mother say, “Rob, you get the hell out of this house now. I will NOT have you talk to our son and his boyfriend that way. If you can’t behave, then you better find another place to stay this weekend. I want to spend time with both Charlie and Ian.”


“Not another word unless you want me to call our lawyer now and you receive no money in the settlement.”

“I’ll be at Jim’s house. We will spend the time watching football and drinking beer. Being like real men.”

Rob storms out of the room.

After a few minutes of silence, Susan clears her throat and says, “I hope you will stay but I won’t stop you if you leave. I want to get to know the other father of my granddaughter. I know Sharon was greatly looking forward to finally meeting the great Charlie Eppes.”

“I’m not that great. I’m the average person.”

“Oh, there are so many things wrong with that statement.” Ian commented. “You are anything but average and I love every single one of those things so don’t even think it.”

Charlie remains quiet and the blush appears on his cheeks.

“Do you want to stay, Charlie? It’s up to you.”

Looking at Ian’s face and then his mother’s, Charlie knows that Ian’s mother has been nothing but nice to him and Ian.

“Let’s stay. I like to get to know the woman who raised you. At least, one of them.”

“Hmm. Maybe we should leave after all.” Ian knows that his mother is itching to pull out the baby books to show Charlie Ian in all of his glory.

“Come on, where is your sense of adventure?” Charlie asked calmly with a glint in his eyes.

“You’re just lucky that you’re so gorgeous and carrying our baby girl.”

Charlie knew that was a completely empty threat because Ian would never hurt him. He and Pi had Ian wrapped around their little finger and loved it.

“Should we move to the family room for some dessert?”

“Yes. That would be lovely. I’ll clear the dishes.”

Ian goes back to the table and helps to clear away the dishes to the kitchen. Charlie heads to the family to wait for Susan and Ian to join him.

While he is sitting on the couch, he feels a flutter under his hand. He starts to gently rub his stomach while staring off into space.

Charlie doesn’t realize he’s lost track of time until he feels a soft kiss pressed to his temple. When Charlie turns his head, Ian softly chuckles and says, “There you are.”

Charlie slightly blushes and mutters, “Sorry. Pi is really kicking up a storm tonight. Let’s see if you can finally feel her.”

Charlie takes Ian’s hand and places it on the last spot that he felt her kick. After a few minutes, the biggest grin appears on his face.

“She kicked. I actually felt her.”

“Yes, she did. I’m glad that you are able to join in the happiness and amazement of this event.”

Charlie leans in and softly kisses Ian.

Susan remains in the doorway, feeling like she is invading a private moment between her son and his boyfriend. Maybe she should start hinting of wedding bells to Ian. She will try to see if she can get Sharon in on the plan.


Author’s note: I hope you enjoy this update. I’m hoping to finish this story soon but RL doesn’t always agree with this plan. Please sign up for updates by entering your e-mail address in the box on the right hand side. 

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6 Responses to “And the Sniper Makes Three….” – Chapter 15

  1. ElfQueen says:

    YAY! A new chapter. *shakes pom poms*

  2. Eileen says:

    Good chapter! Thanks for the update.
    Now I want lemon pie…

  3. awnb95 says:

    Good chapter, would like to see some of the time between when Charlie found out about being pregnant and Ian finding him. Please update soon.

  4. JMo says:

    Such a good story, I really hope you decide to pick it up again because I would LOVE to see how it ends.

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