“And the Sniper Makes Three…” – Chapter 14

Warning: Mpreg, Snark, Protective!Ian, Angst, Family Interactions,

Over the next week, Ian spent all of his time with Charlie, much to his annoyance at times. Charlie loves Ian but when he becomes PapaBear, Charlie would rather have some time alone.

Shortly after the incident with Charlie, Don’s team caught a case. When they found the people who were responsible, they came across the ingredients for a homemade flash bomb. Ian wasn’t happy, nor was Charlie or Don. Don made sure that Ian was never left alone with the people who were responsible for the crime and for blinding Charlie.

Luckily, he is healing well. By the end of the week, his eyesight is back. Every few hours, he has to rest his eyes for a few minutes. His doctors said that his eyes will get back to normal within a few days but it does take a day or two for them to adjust from being blindfolded to using them for regular use again.

Charlie talked to Amita, who was willing to take over his classes for the following Monday and Tuesday so that Ian and Charlie could go and visit Ian’s parents.

On Tuesday night, Ian called his mother to confirm the plan for them to drive up Friday morning and arrive for a late lunch, unless something arose. Ian’s mother was thrilled with the news and promised that Ian’s father would be on his best behavior or he would be shipped out to his friend’s house for the weekend. Ian smirked at the comment. He knew nothing would come between his mother and her granddaughter.

Since they left in the morning after rush hour, they were able to avoid most traffic, which is amazing for the L.A. area. They occasionally had to slow down for some construction on the highway. They stopped a few times between bladder and cramping in Charlie’s lower back. Ian was always more than willing to do whatever it took in order for Charlie and Pi to remain happy and calm. About an hour before they were due to arrive at Ian’s parent’s house, Ian quickly called his mother to let her know where they were and when to expect them. She confirmed with them what the meal option was, especially since she wasn’t completely sure if Charlie had any strong likes or urges due to the pregnancy. Surprisingly, they’ve been fairly tamed. She also confirmed that Charlie didn’t have any allergies that they should be aware of.

When Charlie wasn’t listening, Ian did inform his mother about Charlie’s lemon addiction. She made sure that she was well stocked in lemon treats for her son-in-law who was carrying her future granddaughter.

When the car pulled through the security gates and arrived at a mansion, Charlie was a bit stunned. Charlie has known that Ian always had good manners but nothing seemed to hit at the fact that he had an upper class upbringing. Once they pulled up in front of the house, the front door is pulled open and a woman in her early 60s walks out of the house. She is wearing a nice, gray pant suit with a turquoise blouse that compliments her reflection nicely.

Before  opening the door, Ian mutters to Charlie, “I see my mom is all prepared for us. I don’t think she’s ever greeted me in the driveway. She must be very excited.” Ian leans over and briefly kisses him before opening the door.

“Mom, how are you?” Ian says to catch her attention so that Charlie doesn’t feel quite so claustrophobic or overwhelmed from the driving and then directly meeting him Mom.

“Alright, dear. How was the drive? You two definitely made excellent time from L.A.”

“Once we left L.A., we only a few minor traffic issues. We did stop on the way up for bathroom breaks and food.”

Once he heard Charlie opening the door to the car, Ian moved around and helped steady Charlie. They have noticed that if Charlie spends long periods of time in the car than his body tends to be a bit more stiff than usual.

“Mom, I would like you to meet my boyfriend and your future granddaughter’s dad, Charlie Eppes. Charlie, this is my mom, Susan Edgerton.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet the wonderful, Charlie Eppes. Ian has told quite the stories about this fabulous mathematician who can work his “math voodoo”.” she said with the last part in quotes. She knows that a really good, smart mathematician would be able to see math in anything and be able to explain to anyone too.

Charlie smiled while he shook Ian’s Mom’s hand. “Thank you, Mrs. Edgerton. Ian has often told me about his childhood, although I used to have to ply my wicked ways before he started talking about it.” Charlie eyes gleamed with a certain playfulness to them.

“It doesn’t entirely surprise me. Ian has always been quite a private man.”

To see Charlie pregnant, it caught his mother slightly off guard. Luckily, she knew to expect it but it’s still somewhat weird.

“I hope it’s alright but I invited Ian’s sister and her family to visit us on Sunday. I figured you could take the rest of today and tomorrow to settle and do some sight seeing, if you wanted to.”

“Thank you. I would greatly appreciate the break, especially since this is supposed to be partially my vacation too.”

Susan looks upon Charlie and really taking in his appearance. Slightly, disheveled  dark curly hair with green eyes with a mostly lean body, except for a small mound near his tummy area.

“Why don’t you come in? We have some snacks and drinks, if you want anything.”

“Actually, a glass of water and something sweet with a bit of tang would be good.”

“Would lemon cream pie do?”

“YES! You are a life saver.” Ever since the cravings have hit, Charlie has been wanting lemon anything, especially pie, at every chance he can. It’s gotten to the point where he tells Ian that “Pi” wants some and he would either make some or go out and buy a pie, if he was feeling tired or lazy. Luckily, Ian was always willing to indulge Charlie and his various cravings.

Ian went to the trunk to get their suitcases before they headed up the stairs.

“Rob, this is Charlie Eppes, Ian’s boyfriend and the father to your granddaughter. Charlie, this is Rob Edgerton, Ian’s father.” Susan said in a cordial tone.

Charlie held out his hand and shook Ian’s father’s hand. Even though Charlie and Pi really wanted a piece of that pie, Charlie knew that he had to obey the social conventions so that he leaves a good impression with Ian’s family.

“Ian, why don’t you take your bags up to your room? Since you were last here, the bed has been changed to a queen size bed. It should accommodate the both of you very well. While you are doing that, Charlie and I will be in the kitchen.”

“Yes, Mom. I’ll be right back, Charlie.” Ian leans in and gives Charlie’s cheek a quick kiss before heading up to his room. Ian hoped that by the time he came back down again that everyone remained civil. He was primarily worried about his father and Charlie.

Once Susan cut a decent size slice of pie, she brought it over to Charlie.

“I want you to know that I’m happy that Ian has found someone who loves him for who he is and tries not to change him. I’m also over the moon about becoming a grandmother to my first granddaugher. Hopefully, I might also welcome a new son to the family too.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Edgerton—”

“Susan, please. Or Mom. Either one is fine.”

“Susan. I love your son very much. He also loves me, despite my flaws.”

“Nobody’s perfect. Besides, I don’t see any.”

“You haven’t seen me in my habitat of the garage with the chalkboard or my office at Caltech. I’m very well known for getting too involved in my problems and ignore the world around me. One of my graduate students have taken it upon himself to make sure that there is at least a plate of food on my desk at all times, in hopes that I would eat.”

“I was noticing how skinny you are.”

Charlie blushes a little, “It’s partially my metabolism, partially the pregnancy and not always eating. Although Pi has made me seeking out food on a more regular basis.”


“The name of our unborn daughter. We haven’t come up with a name for her and we don’t want to keep calling her “it” so, it’s our compromise.”

“I assume you mean “Pi”, as in the number, and not the food?”

“Usually. Lately, it could actually go either way. She definitely loves her lemon cream pie.”

She goes about cleaning up the kitchen and tending to other things. She tends to be much more reserved when it comes to people who she doesn’t entirely know but she feels like she can trust Charlie. Besides, if her son does love him, then Charlie will be around for many years to come. She looks forward to getting to know him better.

Upon seeing the silence in the kitchen, Ian slowly walks in and wraps his arms around Charlie before giving him a soft kiss on his temple.

“How’s the pie?”

“Yummy. I would say you should have some but I will want all of it so please don’t.” Charlie said with big puppy eyes.

“Very well. Is there anything else you want to lay claim too?”

“Um. I don’t know what else your mom has so no.”

Susan giggles softly, trying not to alert Ian and Charlie to it but she loves the interaction between Charlie and Ian. She can see the love and dedication between them. In addition, she can see that they keep each other on their toes. Definitely going to be a fun, interesting weekend.


Author’s note: I apologize for the delay in the update to this story. It is not dead. I do have an end plan for this story. Unfortunately, I’m also trying to finish my April’s Naked Nano too. (“Wake Me Up Inside”). Hopefully, I will be updating on a more regular basis but no promises. Hope you enjoyed the update!


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  1. Alex says:

    Where is chapter 13 this story seems to go from ch. 12 to ch. 14 without a ch. 13. Was that a mistake, or is there just no ch. 13. This story is good, Thank you.

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