Wake Me Up Inside – Chapter 14

Title: Wake Me Up Inside

Author: Thothkristen

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1

Relationships: John Sheppard/Evan Lorne, Carson Beckett/Radek Zelenka, Rodney McKay/Ronon Dex, Markham/Stackhouse, Daniel Jackson/Cameron Mitchell (Eventually)

Genre: ShapeShifter (Mythological Creatures and regular animals), Angst, Alternate Reality

Rating: M

Warnings for this chapter: Snark, Explicit Language

Word Count: 28, 893 / 35,000 (This update is 3,347)


When Rodney and Ronon were about to leave the room, Ronon stalked up to him and rubbed his body all over Rodney.

“Scent marking me, are you?”

“Yes. You’re mine. I don’t want any others to get to any ideas about you. My dragon.”

“My kitty.”

Ronon growled.

“What? A lion is from the feline family, so calling you kitty is completely appropriate.”

Ronon growled some more before leaning down and softly kissed his lips.

“Only in private. I don’t want anyone else to call me that.”


Before they turned to leave, Atlantis AI appeared.

“Keeper of Atlantis. Protector of the Keeper.”

Rodney turned to Ronon and says, “I guess you have a new title now.”

“News to me.”

“While the Keeper is knowledgeable, he does sometimes need someone to help protect him.”

Rodney glared at Atlantis. Upon thinking about it some more, Rodney does realize that he has a habit of loosing himself in a project.

“You wanted something?” Ronon asked.

“I wanted to congratulate you on your mating. It pleases me that you two found each other and will always have each other.”

“Thank you, Atlantis. You’ve given us so much.” Rodney said wistfully while giving Ronon a smile.

After a few minutes of silence, Rodney realized that he needed to talk with Atlantis anyway.

“Atlantis. Soon, we will have more people here. Some of them will just be visiting. Can you please not change them no matter how inclined you feel to do so?” Rodney knows that she will be immediately pulled to Jack O’Neill and Daniel Jackson due Jack’s ATA gene and Daniel’s ascension.

“If they ask me, I will consider it and most likely do it. Otherwise, I will not change them.”

“Thank you, Atlantis. I’ll let the other people know.”

“As you wish.”

Once she said that, she vanished into thin air.

“Shall we go and eat now?”

“I’m starving.”

Rodney and Ronon exit the room to head to the elevators to take to the mess hall.

Once they get in line for food, a few of the shifters have come up to them to offer their congratulations. When they’ve both grabbed their dinner, they head over to the table by the wall. Upon looking around, they do not see any of their friends. They know that it’s a bit late for dinner.

After hearing Rodney make a few moaning sounds from eating his chocolate pudding, Ronon decides to finally try the funny looking food.

“Would you be willing to share your food?”

“If you are after my pudding, no. Get your own.”

“Not even for me, your mate?”

“You play dirty. Fine. Just a taste.”

Rodney takes his spoon and puts some of the pudding on it before bringing it up to his mouth. Ronon takes the food off the spoon and realizes why Rodney makes the noises he does.

“It’s good. Different but I can see why you like it so much.”

Before Rodney could respond, they heard John approach and say, “Aww, isn’t it cute? The newly mated couple still in honeymoon phase.” John said in a snark tone as he approached the table.

“Don’t you have some paperwork you’re supposed to be doing?”

“Probably but I heard that you two were here and I wanted to congratulate you.”

“Well, thank you. You’ve done it. You can leave now.”

“Ordering your Alpha around? Not good.”

“Please. We are equals. Yes, technically, you are the Alpha but I know how to make Atlantis work and make her happy.”

“But she responded to me first.”

“Yes, she’s a slut for your ATA gene. Nothing new.”

“Can anyone join this party?” Carson said as he and Radek joined the table. Carson knew that if he didn’t stop the argument going on between Rodney and John that they would be arguing for a long time.

“Sure. Pull up a chair. I was just congratulating the new happily mated couple.”

“Congrats. It’s about time you two mated.”

Ronon arched his eyebrow at Carson.

“Everyone could tell that you two would mate eventually. I think there might have been a betting pool with the scientists.”

“Yes, there was. Miko won.” Radek responded. He knew that his colleagues were hoping that Rodney would be a lot easier to deal with on a daily basis but they weren’t holding their breath.

“Of course she would. She’s the smartest of my minions. Have you noticed that she’s been showing signs of changing soon?”

“Yeah. She’s come into the infirmary about headaches and muscle aches. I noticed that she relaxed a little from physical contact.” Carson noted.

“Is anyone keeping an eye on her?” John asked. He liked to make sure that everyone in his pride is looked after.

“Yes, Allison Porter. I’ve actually noticed that she’s been spending a fair bit of time with Miko.” Radek responded. While Rodney was a brilliant scientist, he tended not to monitor the social interactions of his minions. As a result, Radek made it his duty to make sure that the scientist were doing well and if there was an issue, then he would try to take care of it. He really cared for his colleagues.

“Interesting. Any other scientists that might be close to shifting?”

“Maybe Dr. Miller. He’s definitely been acting a bit weird lately but it might be due to the fact that so many people have been seeking him out due to his Ancient knowledge.”

“He is extremely knowledgeable and I’ve asked him to join us when we go exploring for that training room in the west tower.” John responded.

“What time will that happen?” Rodney asked.

“Would 1300 hour work?”

“Yup. Should be fine. It would even allow Ronon and me to sleep in, especially if we had a very vigorous night of lovemaking.” Rodney winked at Ronon.

“TMI, Rodney. TMI.” John responded.

When Rodney was about to respond, he saw Jarod looking around for a place to sit. Rodney waved him over.

“Rodney, Ronon. Congratulations.”

“Thank you, Jarod.”

“I’m surprised you’ve left the bedroom. I also heard some quite exciting screaming outside my window last night. I noticed that you finally let someone ride you in dragon form. I assume it was your mate?”

“Yes. I do believe we both had a wonderful time and might need to do it again soon.” Rodney said.

“It was thrilling to be so high up in the sky and not have to worry about falling off. I never once thought otherwise. I knew I was in good hands.” Ronon reached over and clasped his hand on Rodney’s.

“Any chance that you would let someone else takes a ride on you in dragon form?” John asked with hope in his voice.

“Not unless you want to be six feet under,” Ronon growled. He knew how intimate the ride was. He didn’t want Rodney to experience that with anyone else, unless it was an emergency.

“Alright. I’ll just live through your experiences and allow my imagination to fill in the rest.”

“Do you really want to make your mate jealous?” Evan asked in a tone that suggested John should be extremely careful with his response. He had heard John asking Rodney about the ride, which he knew that John would ask, as he approached the table with his food.

“No. I would never do that but chance to ride a dragon so nearby. So tempting.”

“You have your own wings when you’re a griffin. You can fly on your own.” Evan pointed out. Yes, riding a dragon sounded fun but it’s not like John couldn’t fly in his own shifter animal form.

“You just like to kill my fun.”

“I like to make sure that you’ll stay alive for many years to come so you can keep protecting Atlantis and being my mate. Also, Arianya would probably go into Hell to get you back if you died early. She might even get Atlantis to help in some way.” Evan said in a time that brokered no argument.

“What did I do to deserve you?” John asked softly. He knew that he had hit the jackpot by getting Evan as his mate and Arianya as his daughter.

“Just by being lucky.” Evan reached over and softly kissed John on the lips.

“Aww, they are still in their honeymoon phase, even though they mated over six months ago.” Rodney said. He was trying to get back at John for his early comment.

“Congratulations on the bonding.” Evan said in return. He knew that if he snarked back that it would further bait Rodney and he didn’t want to do it.

“Thank you. I think it’s time for the two of us to retire. After all, we just bonded so we have a lot of catching up to do. We’ll see you tomorrow.” Rodney said as he got up from the table. Ronon followed him out of the mess hall.

When they got back to the room, they wasted no time in getting reacquainted with each other’s bodies.


On the Daedalus

Daniel was in a deep sleep when he all of sudden awoke. He tried to calm his breath down to realize why he had woken up. He heard soft whimpers, like a dog having a bad dream.

Due to the Daedalus being at maximum capacity, majority of the personnel bunked together, except for those whose rank earned them the privilege of bunking alone.

At the moment, Daniel was bunked with Teal’c and Cameron. The confines were very tight but since they were used to sleeping together, they relied on their old habits of what to do in the same situation.

Daniel took the top bunk, while Cameron slept below him. Teal’c either did his Kel’No’Rim or slept on the cot that was provided for the room to fit three people.

Daniel looked around the room and noticed that Teal’c was asleep on the cot but didn’t seem to have heard the whimpers of the dog. When Daniel cautiously looked down on the bottom bunk, he saw a heavy-set, scruffy looking dog with a brown and black splotched coat mixed with sheets and blanket that were haphazardly strewn around the bed.

Deciding to investigate it a bit more, Daniel slowly, quietly gets of his bunk bed to see why Cam is in his animal form. Once Daniel was on the ground, he approached the dog with his hand out and softly speaking to the dog.

“Cam. Are you alright? It’s safe. You’re on the Daedalus.” Daniel knows how disconcerting it can be to wake up from a dream and not realize where you are. He also heard from other shifters that being on a ship for so long can cause disconnect between the animal and the human. To counteract this, a room was built on the Daedalus where the shifters could go and play with one another or just lounge. The room also contained some bits of nature so that the animal could feel like it was on the ground, not in the air. Daniel knows that Cam hasn’t visited this place but he doesn’t know why.

The dog whimpers started to be quieter when Daniel tentatively petted his head, after he breathed in a bit of Daniel’s scent. As he kept up the motion, the dog’s muscles started to relax and his body started to sprawl across the skinny twin bed.

“Do you want to shift back to your human form so we can talk?”

The dog whimpered again, which Daniel took mean ‘no, he wanted to stay as a dog where he felt safe’.

“Shush. It’s alright. Do you want me to stay with you?”

The dog shook it’s head in a ‘yes’ direction so Daniel carefully wrapped his body around Cam’s animal form while alternating the rubbings from between his ears to along his body and whispering sweet nothings in his ears until he fell back to sleep himself.

In the morning, when Teal’c finally rose from his slumber, he looked over to the bunkbeds and noticed how Daniel was sleeping wrapped around Cam’s animal form, in a protective, nurturing manner. He had long suspected that if Daniel was a shifter that they would’ve mated. Until then, they just kept dancing around each other and provided silent support to each other. Not wanting to disturb them, he left the room as quickly as possible and spent the day practicing his fighting moves in the gym.


On Atlantis

The next day, SGA-1, along with Stackhouse and Markham and Dr. Miller, went to the West Tower to discover the training room. John immediately fell in love with it. It would allow him to start training people in their animal form for what it would be like to be in a fight. The room allowed the user to set certain parameters so that the difficulty could be increased or decreased. In addition, the settings could be set for single user or group. John and Ronon started to plan on how they were going to use the room with training all of the shifters on Atlantis. They thought they might be able to tweak the settings so both non-shifters and shifters could use the room. For now, John and Ronon decided to just keep it for the shifters.

Over the past few days, Ronon and Rodney fell into a routine where they would sleep together at night and ate breakfast together before they went about their days on Atlantis. Due to their schedules, they usually didn’t eat lunch, unless it happened to be their day off. To make up for it, they did try to have dinner together, usually with the rest of SGA-1 and their other friends. Rodney loved the fact with his mate, he had made himself a bigger family that he could rely on.

During one of the dinners, Ronon brought up the topic of them actually living together. Rodney knew that some of the bigger bedrooms have recently been cleared due to the new personnel coming and John’s effort of trying to go through as much as Atlantis as possible to make sure that there were no big surprises for them. That night, Ronon and Rodney approached John and Mr. Woolsey about moving into bigger quarters. They approved, especially when Rodney mentioned the suite that was down the hall from him and Evan. Nearby babysitters was quite useful.

Once they moved in together, it made them feel even more like a couple, which for once, didn’t cause Rodney any anxiety.

One day after breakfast, Rodney came up with a great idea. They had the day off so they didn’t have to worry about their duties, unless something came up.

“Ronon, would you like to go for a ride?”

“Dragon, yes. The other, not so much.”

“Did I wear the kitty out?” Rodney said in a too sweet, sarcastic tone.

“A bit. I’m also sore. It feels good but my body does need some rest.” Ronon leaned over and softly kissed his mate.

“But not too sore to take a ride on my dragon?”

“Never too sore or sick to do that.”

“Why don’t we go to West Pier so I can transform and you could have some fun?”

“Yes. Let’s go.”

Ronon immediately got up from the table and they walked briskly to the pier. They usually kept their flights to the night but Ronon has wanted to know what it was like to do it during the day. Unfortunately, due to their jobs, they usually didn’t have time but with the Daedalus arriving, they needed to blow off some steam.

Once they arrived, Rodney stripped fast and slowly changed into his dragon form. When he was fully shifted, Ronon noticed that Rodney had two silver stripes that were going down his back, on each side of his spine.

“Rodney, mate, why do you have silver stripes on your back?”

Rodney tried to shrug in his dragon form.

“Does anything hurt?”

The dragon shook his head no.

“Alright. We’ll do research when we get back.”

The dragon shook his head “yes”.

Ronon knew that in the darkness that they didn’t have very good lighting so Rodney might have had the markings for a while now.

Ronon went and mounted Rodney. The dragon took off in flight as they went to the mainland and then back to Atlantis, enjoying the bright sun and the wind caressing his skin.


“Sir. We can’t land.”

“Explain.” Colonel Caldwell gruffly asked. They never had an issue landing before.

“There is a dragon that seems to be protecting Atlantis.”

“Can you show on the viewer screen?”

On the screen, there was a large burnt red dragon that was moving through the air with a person on it’s back with not a care in the world.

General O’Neill and SG-1 were on the bridge since they wanted to see what Atlantis looked like as they approached.

Upon seeing the red dragon, Daniel muttered, “Rodney. I can’t believe it.”

“Are you sure?” Jack asked.

“No, but I know his family’s shifter animal was a snake and he does have a personality of fire dragon.”

“I’ll call down to Atlantis to see what’s going on.” Colonel Caldwell said.

He pressed the communications button on his arm console on his chair.

“Daedalus to Atlantis.”

“Welcome to Atlantis, Daedalus.” Chuck responded. He tended to man the communication console on Atlantis during the day, along with Sgt. Banks. She was at lunch at the moment. Knowing that it was the Daedalus, Chuck hand signaled to John that they’ve arrived and are on the comms.

“Thank you. Is the dragon friendly?”

“Yes, he is. It’s Dr. Rodney McKay.” John answered.

“He’s a shifter now?” Caldwell’s disbelief heard clearly in his voice.

“Yes. It was fairly recent. I’ll see that he doesn’t bother you. Can you give us about 30 minutes?”

“Sure. Daedalus out.”

Upon closing the communication link, Colonel Caldwell looked up to see the shocked faces on SG1 and General O’Neill, except for Daniel who had a huge grin on his face.

“It should definitely be an interesting visit for you.” Caldwell said to break the silence.

“Yes, it should, especially since last we knew, Rodney was a half shifter, not a full shifter. Definitely not one that could shift into a red dragon.” General O’Neill said in a “why does this always happen to me” voice.

“Definitely interesting.” Caldwell reiterated before going about ordering his crew to keep the ship in orbit on the planet that Atlantis resides.


Sheppard cursing his life decided that it would be easier if he shifted into his griffin form to get Rodney to come back from his flight with his mate. He knew that they’ve been out there for a short while.

Once in griffin form, he flew out to where the dragon and Ronon were residing on one of the tall towers of Atlantis.

Upon seeing the griffin, they remained still until the griffin landed near them. Through the hand signs, they knew that they were needed back inside Atlantis. They hated the fact that their ride was over for now but knew that John would only come to get them if it was urgent.

Taking one look around and breathing in the sea air, Rodney took off in flight and landed on the west pier. Ronon climbed off and then a few minutes later, Rodney changed back into human form. They noticed that John didn’t follow them back, figuring that he went to where he came from before he got them.

Once they were all set, they headed down to the pier to be stopped by John, Evan, Carson and Mr. Woolsey heading towards them. They stopped about a quarter down the pier from Atlantis.

“Great. Let me guess. The Daedalus is about to arrive?” Rodney slightly whined.

“Yes. Apparently, they didn’t want to land while there was a dragon flying around Atlantis. They should be here with the next 10 minutes or so.”

After John stopped talking, they heard the Daedalus approaching. They watched as the ship landed, sitting next to the pier.

Everyone took a deep breath, waiting for the doors to open and letting everyone off. It should be an interesting next couple of days.

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I love writing slash fiction, especially if it deals with shifters and mythology. I use my Wordpress account for Writings in Progress and my Archive of Our Own Account for when a work is completed and has been betaed.
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