Wake Me Up Inside – Chapter 11

Title: Wake Me Up Inside

Author: Thothkristen

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1

Relationships: John Sheppard/Evan Lorne, Carson Beckett/Radek Zelenka, Rodney McKay/Ronon Dex (eventually), Markham/Stackhouse

Genre: ShapeShifter (Mythological Creatures and regular animals), Angst, Alternate Reality

Rating: MA (more for the future chapters)

Warnings: Flashbacks/dreams/talk of past verbal, psychological and physical child abuse, angst, m/m sex, explicit language, violence, explicit sex, Sentient!Atlanits, Matchmaker!Atlantis, sexual dreams

Word Count: 22,548 / 35,000 (This update is 1,767)


On the Daedalus

Ever since they got on the ship, Daniel Jackson hadn’t been able to sleep for long periods of time. He believed it was partially due to the excitement of finally getting to Atlantis and he wasn’t always comfortable traveling in space. It felt like it threw off his bio-rhythms at times.

At the moment, he was in the lounge area reading the reports from Atlantis on the shifter population on his pad. He was so engrossed in the report that he didn’t hear anyone come in.

“You couldn’t sleep?”

Daniel turned his head to see his teammate, Cameron Mitchell.

“Nope. Besides, I’m trying to figure out what Atlantis is up to.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, she clearly thinks mythological creatures are more formidable than the average shifter, which is true. In an indirect way, she is showing which mythologies that the Ancients created on Earth.”

“How so?”

“Well, the animals so far can be traced to European, Ancient Greek/Roman and Ancient Egyptian mythologies. From an anthropological standpoint, we do know that Europe was settled way before any of the other continents, so it would make sense. There has also been speculation that all mythologies can be traced back to one region or one dominant mythology. Maybe we can finally figure out which one that is.”

“It would be cool if we could figure it out. I wonder if there have been any other animals that have been created since we got the transmission.”

“Well, I kind of got the feeling that they eliminated who was changing and why. I know they listed some of the animals and listed some of the people who they were a part of but they did not mention who the phoenix was.”

“I’m not entirely sure. Why didn’t they talk about how Lorne is all of sudden able to shift and into a hellhound?”

“Maybe they don’t totally understand why or how Atlantis is doing it. Also, they probably didn’t want us to be alarmed at how large their shifter population is growing on Atlantis.”

“Based on the fact that there are fewer and fewer full blood humans born each year, yes, it would be frightening.” Even though his words indicated that he should be afraid, Cameron noticed a gleam in his eyes that usually came when he was trying to figure out something in his field of study. Besides, Cameron knows that Daniel had been itching to go to Atlantis ever since it was discovered.

“Do you think she will change us?”

“Since I don’t the circumstance on how or why she did it, it would be hard to guess.”

“But if you did?”

“I would say possibly. I also don’t know how long it would take her to do it and everything else.”

“Wouldn’t they have warned us to stay away if they didn’t think she was done playing with people’s DNA and shifter animal?”

“Maybe but we didn’t warn them that they coming. Knowing John, he probably knows that we would as soon as possible. It’s not like we could ignore that report.”

“True. Anyway, I’m going to head to bed. You’ll be alright?”

“Yes, I’ll be fine, Cameron. Reading the reports and thinking of the endless possibilities has kept my imagination quite active.”

“As long as you stay in the here and now, it will be fine.”

“Aye, aye, sir.”

“Hilarious. Good night, Daniel.”

“Night, Cameron.”

Cameron took one last look of Daniel at the table reading before he turned and headed to his quarters on the ship. Cameron hoped that Daniel would not be on one of his non-stop, no time for sleep swings. They needed him in his top shape when they arrived at Atlantis in a little over a week.


Back on Atlantis:

Mr. Woolsey wanted to have a meeting with his senior members to discuss the Daedalus coming to Atlantis and what they need to do to get everything ready, if anything.

As the time for the meeting approached, the senior members came to the conference room and took their traditional seats.

Upon noticing the time, Rodney states, “Are we sure that Mr. Woolsey wanted to meet now?”

“Yes. That’s what the e-mail said.”

“Then where is he?”

John was thinking about going to Mr. Woolsey’s office when he noticed that the chair that he normally resides in during the meeting starting to shake, like an animal is on it and moving around. John cautiously goes over to the chair and pulls it out. He sees about a 5 foot animal that has a long, green-colored, fury body like a snake. The animal has two sets of claws, one set for hands and one set for the feet. The tail becomes long and skinny by the end. The face resembles a small warthog with a small protruding nose and yellow eyes.

“Carson, you might want to come over here.”

“What’s the matter?”

“I do believe Mr. Woolsey has gone through his first change.”

Carson gets up from his chair and comes to where John is standing. He looks at the animal in the chair and slowly brings his hand to it, trying not to scare it. When the animal looks up at Carson, he does notice that it does have Mr. Woolsey’s eyes.

“Hello, Mr. Woolsey. You are a beautiful thing. I wonder what you are but I’m sure Rodney will be able to tell you.” Carson kept talking in a sweet, calm tone as he tried to not provoke the animal in front of them.

The animal slowly leaned into Carson’s touch and seemed to respond to him.

“Why don’t you try to shift back to your human form?”

It didn’t seem like the animal was going to respond but a few minutes later, the animal went under the table. Few minutes later, they heard a loud groan.

Carson quickly goes to Mr. Woolsey’s office and comes back with a blanket for him. He passes it to him under the table so he didn’t have to come-up completely naked.

“Are you ready to come out from underneath there, Mr. Woolsey?”

“Yes, I’ll be up in about a minute. My muscles feel a bit stiff.”

“Alright. Take your time. We’ll need to take you to the infirmary to make sure that you are fine.”

“Understandable and I agree. Do you happen to know what my animal is?”

“I could ask Atlantis. She might know.” Taking a deep breath, Rodney says, “Atlantis, can you please show yourself?”

“Yes, Keeper of Knowledge.”

“Can you please let us know what is Mr. Woolsey’s shifter animal?”

“His shifter animal is Ramidreju. It is from Cantabrian mythology. In folklore, their fur heals all sickness and the animals are just like Leprechauns. They like to seek out gold.”

“Thank you, Atlantis. That is all. I guess we better hide all of our gold now.” Rodney stated while smirking.

“That won’t be necessary. We don’t always take on all of the characteristics of our shifter animal.”


“Do you want us to convene at another time to talk about the Daedalus arriving with it’s new personnel and SG-1 and General O’Neill visiting us?”

“No, it’s alright. I don’t think we have too much to cover.”

“I was looking over the list of personnel arriving and I noticed that Dr. Parrish is on his way.”


“He’s a shifter and his current animal is a sun bear. If Atlantis turns him, it better not be into a Care Bear. If he does become one, his tummy insignia would totally be a plant or a flower.” Rodney stated.

“What’s wrong with Care Bears?” John responded.

“Besides their way of fighting is holding hands and muttering, “Care Bear Stare”, nothing.”

“How do you even know so much about them?”

“My sister loved watching the show. As long as she got what she wanted, life was good for me.”

“Somehow, I don’t think Atlantis would think of the Care Bears as mythological creatures, even though they do live in the clouds. I would definitely be shocked to find out otherwise.”

“Anyway, with SG-1 and General O’Neill coming, we need to figure out if Atlantis will change them or not.” Mr. Woolsey stated while still only half-way covered in the blanket.

“I don’t think she will. I like to think that she is done doing that.”

“But can we be sure?”

“No one can never be too sure when it comes to Atlantis but I’ll try to have a talk with her.” Rodney calmly replied.

“Very well. We should warn them before they beam down from the Daedalus. Anything else?”

“Yes, I came across an entry in the database about a room on Atlantis. It reminded me of the holodeck from Star Trek, except that it can only be used for fighting or learning how to fight, especially in your shifter animal.”

“Why didn’t you tell us about this before?” John asked.

“I only found it just before the meeting.”

“Very well. We should check it out to see if it’s still usable and if it is, we should use it to better train our shifter animals.”

“Yes. I was thinking soon we could go adventuring to it. I wasn’t sure if you wanted to do it before or after the Daedalus arrives, since it will be soon.”

“I think beforehand would be good.”

“In about two days, unless some emergency arises?”

“That will do. Our teams will be back from their missions so it should be fairly quiet.”

“Anything else?” Mr. Woolsey asked. Upon hearing no objections, “Alright, let’s break for the day.”

“Alright. You get to come to the infirmary with me, Mr. Woolsey. We can stop by your quarters first.” Carson said to Mr. Woolsey as everyone else rose from their seats to exit the conference room.

Ronon caught up with Rodney just outside of the room and said, “Do you want to practice some more of the hand to hand combat this afternoon?”

“Yeah, that would be great. I’ll meet you normal time, normal place.”

“I’ll be there.”

Ronon briefly nodded in Rodney’s direction before turning and heading towards his quarters. Ronon knew he was doing a good thing by teaching Rodney. He just wished that his libido would significantly decrease whenever they were in practice. His lion kept wanting to claim his dragon because of how sexy, well muscled he was. Rodney never showed fear when he was interacting with Ronon or his lion, which also greatly appealed to him.

Ronon was just happy that recently Rodney allowed them to do some brief kissing and minor fooling around but not much beyond that and it was making Ronon very sexually frustrated. Ronon didn’t want anything to happen that would make Rodney rethink the possibility of claiming Ronon soon.

About thothkristen

I love writing slash fiction, especially if it deals with shifters and mythology. I use my Wordpress account for Writings in Progress and my Archive of Our Own Account for when a work is completed and has been betaed.
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  1. Yes Cam and Daniel, can’t wait to see sg1 in Atlantis and Richard shifted too, great.
    Mcdex is cute !

  2. greywolfthewanderer says:

    woo hoo!! poor Mr. Woolsey, changin’ back under the table an’ all… *grin*

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