“And the Sniper Makes Three….” – Chapter 13

Warning: Mpreg, Protective!Ian, Language

Rating: PG-13/R

Ian clumsily ran his hand down the nightstand, trying to grab hold of the ringing cell phone. Once he grabbed it, he brought it to his mouth.

“Edgerton.” his voice was a bit gruff and a bit heavy with sleep.

“Ian. I raised you better than to answer your phone will you were still asleep.”

“Mom.” Ian rose from the bed and said in a lot more awake tone, “How is everything going?”

“Good. Your father and I just got back from a trip to visit your sister and her family. Everyone says hi.”

“I’m glad to hear that they are doing well. How old are Ethan and Keith?”

“They are 8 and 10, respectively.”

Ian lightly giggles. “I still remember changing their diapers and helping Sharon with them.”

“Don’t we all. Now, why did you call? Aren’t you on assignment?”

A long time ago, his family had somewhat gotten used to hearing from Ian once in a blue moon and having short conversations, especially since he tended to be on assignment. Once every few years, he would stop by for Christmas or Thanksgiving. Otherwise, he kept his distance from the family. It was the best way he knew how to keep them safe.

“Not at the moment. My partner, Charlie, was recently hurt and since I just finished up an assignment, I asked for some down time. My superiors granted it but did warn me that they would call me in if there was an urgent matter.”

“Charlie? Who is Charlie?”

“He’s my partner. He’s part of the reason why I called. We wanted to come and visit, if it was alright with you and Dad.”

His mother opened and closed her mouth a few times. Usually, she had to guilt trip him into coming home for a visit.

“Yes, it is fine. When can we expect the two of you?”

“Well, I also wanted to let you know about the other reason  why I was calling. You might want to sit down.”

“Why? Is there something wrong with you or Charlie?”

“Not entirely or not in the way you are thinking. Mom, Charlie’s pregnant?”


“I know what you are thinking and we have proof to support the claim. In addition, once you see him, it will be hard not to say that Charlie is pregnant.”

“How far along is he?”

“Almost 6 months.”

“Why are you only telling us now?”

“Besides the fact that I wasn’t sure how you would handle it, I only found out less than a month ago myself. When Charlie discovered that he was pregnant, he decided to take some matters into his own hands and disappeared.”

“Why? Didn’t he trust you?”

“Apparently, he was a bit conflicted himself. Charlie is one of the most generous, furiously loyal people I know. He is also one of the top mathematicians in the world. He worries about the child growing up like he did, where he was a lot smarter than the people his own age. He went to college when he was 16.”

“Understandable. You have always been smarter than your colleagues too, Ian. Don’t forget that.”

“I don’t. Through the help of his brother, I was able to find him. He and I have come a long way.”

“Wait, you said that you were on leave due to him. Is it because of the baby?”

“Luckily, she is great. We have an excellent doctor. Unfortunately, Charlie was the target of an vindictive criminal.”


“He works with his brother, Don Eppes, who is part of the FBI. He is also a tenure professor in mathematics at CalSci.”

“Wait a minute. I think you’ve talked about Charlie before.”

“Yes, he and I were somewhat orbiting each other for a little while before we got together. He’s also part of the reason why I haven’t been home in the past years or so.”

“I see. You want me to prepare your father?”

“Yes. I will not tolerate any of his comments. If he utters just one, Charlie and I will be out of the house so fast that you wish we never came and you can guarantee that you will never meet your granddaughter.”


“Yes. We’ve yet to name her. Charlie keeps calling her “Pi”, which sounds weird but fits Charlie and his sense of humor.”

“Sounds great. Why don’t you talk further with Charlie and let us know when we can expect you?”

“Sure. His recovery seems to be going well but we might be able to stop by for a few days next week. Once we figure things out, I will call you.”

“Sounds lovely. I look forward to meeting Charlie and Pi.”

“Thank you, Mom. Say hi to Dad for me.”

“Love you.”


Ian hangs up his cell phone. When he turns around he notices that Charlie is resting on his elbows with an arched eyebrow.

“It was my mom. I called her before your incident with the flash bomb. I was hoping that you would be alright with us going to visit them. I figured it was time that you got to meet my family. Just know that they mean well but words seem to tumble out of their mouth My father is the greatest offender of this because he hasn’t always been supportive of my lifestyle or my relationships. I did warn my mom that if he does make even one comment that we will be out of there. With her granddaughter on the line, she will whip him into shape.”

“Let me guess, it is her first granddaughter?”

“Yes, and she has wanted one for many years. With us going next week, it might also mean that she might also have my sister and her family visit as well. If you want me to tell her to not call them, then I will.”

“As long as you are there, I am fine. It might be interesting to meet everyone who shaped your life as you were growing up. Come here, Ian.” Charlie said while patting his hand next to his body. Ian did not need to be told twice and climbed into bed, under the covers, and curled up against Charlie with his hand going over Pi.

“So you will be alright with meeting them?”

“Yes, I will be. Where do they live?”

“San Francisco. I was thinking that we could take your car for a drive along the coastal highway.”

“Next Friday, I won’t have classes anyway so why don’t we go up then for the weekend? I will see if Amita can cover my class for the following Monday and Tuesday?”

“Sounds like an excellent plan. Why don’t you go back to sleep? I know you haven’t been getting much sleep and it’s not good for you or Pi.”

Ian holds Charlie closer to his body and pressed a soft kiss to his head.

“I love…..” Charlie mutters before sleep took over.

A few hours later, they get up and start their day together.


Author’s Note: There isn’t much in the series about Ian and whether or not he has a family. As a result, I’ve taken some liberties with it. I hope you enjoyed!

Yes, next installment will include the visit to the in-laws. :dramatic music:

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I love writing slash fiction, especially if it deals with shifters and mythology. I use my Wordpress account for Writings in Progress and my Archive of Our Own Account for when a work is completed and has been betaed.
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4 Responses to “And the Sniper Makes Three….” – Chapter 13

  1. ladyholder says:

    While there might not be much, he made a *hell* of an impression!



  2. Apokarli says:

    Please don’t stop now. I would love to read more. You have totally got me hooked!!

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