“And the Sniper Makes Three…” – Chapter 9

Warning: Mpreg, Angst, Injury to Charlie, coddling and cuddling

Rating: PG-13/R


A few days later, Ian was called by his bosses for an assignment. Ian had to track an escaped convict in the middle of the dessert in Nevada. Ian tried to warn Charlie before he left that he would not be able to call each night. Charlie is not happy about this but he understands that it comes with the territory of Ian’s job. Charlie does promise Ian that if there are any issues or problems that arise that Charlie would call Ian before going into Numbersville territory.

Two weeks later, Ian was able to capture the escaped convict without casualty. Due to the lack of sleep lately, Ian went back to his hotel room and crashed for a few hours.

As Ian walks through the forest, he notices a tall, sleek black wolf and a puffy red panda with a white stripped tail. He notices that they are walking side by side, except for the fact that the red panda gently leans against the black wolf. Ian begins to get the feeling that there is something wrong with the red panda. Ian cautiously wonders over to the animals and puts his hand in front so that the wolf could smell him. Ian knows that the wolf and the red panda would never directly harm Ian but he is not sure how he knows this information. The wolf lightly licks the fingers of Ian’s hand and gently nudges Ian’s hand to the red panda’s head. Ian kneels down and looks into the red panda’s eyes. He notices the eyes are glazed over. 

     Ian woke-up with a start and whispers “Charlie!”. Ian scrambles to his feet and quickly goes into the bathroom to splash water onto his face. Ian can not shake the feeling that the dream is telling him that something is wrong with Charlie. Ian contemplates about his next move until he finally decides to give into his paranoia and calls Charlie’s cell phone. Charlie does not pick up the phone and Ian decides not to leave a message because he does not want to worry Charlie about possibly nothing.

Since he can not calm down, Ian decides to head out to the local diner to have some dinner while he tries not to panic about Charlie. Ian knows that if anything seriously gone wrong that Charlie or Don would call him. Right?

If Charlie is too injured than Don may forget to call me, especially if he knows I am in the field. Fuck.’

Ian decides to eat his dinner as fast as possible and head back to his hotel room so he could try Charlie’s cell phone again. With still not having any luck, Ian decides to gamble and try Don’s cell phone.


“Don, it’s Ian. Is Charlie with you?”

“No, Charlie isn’t with me because he is in the hospital.”

“What? What happened? Why wasn’t I called?”

“Charlie did not want to worry you when you were on an assignment. He is alright, all things considered.”

“Don, please start at the beginning and go from there about what the fuck happened to Charlie.” Ian growled over the phone.

“Charlie had an eye appointment today and they dilated his eyes. He tried to quickly stop by his office to quickly pick-up some papers. Unfortunately, when he opened his door, a flash grenade went off. For the moment, Charlie is blind.”

Ian gasped. “Are there any other injuries? When will he get his sight back?”

“He has a few bruises from running into his desk and things like that. Otherwise, he is fine, all things considered. He is in the hospital so they could keep an eye on his eyes and everything is going on. They are still running tests but the doctor seems hopeful that Charlie will regain his eyesight with the next couple of days.”

“I’m glad to hear it. I will try to get to LA as soon as possible.”

“Aren’t you on assignment?”

“I finished up earlier today. I would have been there sooner but I ended up crashing at my hotel.”

“I will let him know that you will be back by lunchtime tomorrow.”

“Sounds good. Thank you, Don. Please let me know if anything gets worse or he needs to call me.”

“Will do. For the record, I was going to call you. I was just waiting for all of the results to come in from the doctor’s testing.”

“Glad to hear it. I will see you tomorrow.”

“Safe flight.”

Ian shut his cell phone closed and put it on the night stand. He confirms that he is on the first flight of the morning. He decides to grab some sleep while he can because he has a feeling that he will be busy for the next couple of days with Charlie.


Author’s Note: Sorry for the lack of update on the story. Yes, you will see more of Ian taking care of Charlie. Yes, there maybe a reason for Charlie loosing his eyesight like that. :Whistles innocently: 

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I love writing slash fiction, especially if it deals with shifters and mythology. I use my Wordpress account for Writings in Progress and my Archive of Our Own Account for when a work is completed and has been betaed.
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