“Yes, Mulder, Aliens Really Do Exist” – Chapter 45

Warning: mpreg, two men getting married, smoochiness (might melt your teeth), snarkiness, hormonal!Mulder

Rating: PG-13/R


Fox and Walter were slowly dancing with each other in the back room at O’Malley’s. Since there were only about 15 of them, they were able to use the main back room at O’Malley’s as their reception site.

As they slowly danced, Fox thought back over the day. Fox tried to get closer to Walter, even though his tummy kept getting in the way.

I am finally a married man. Who would have thought that someone would want to tie themselves to me, especially someone like Walter?’

Earlier in the day…..

When Fox Mulder woke up in the morning, he stretched out his arm, in hopes of finding his soon to be husband to find him missing already. Fox did come across a note that was left by Walter.

“Need to take care of somethings. Will meet you later at the park. I love you. -W”

Fox finished getting up and took care of getting himself ready for the wedding. As he was putting on his coat, there was a knock on his door. Due to Scully visiting, Walter and Fox decided to rent a room at the hotel for a few days.

“Coming.” Fox opens the door and sees Scully nicely dressed on the other side. “Dana. Please come in.”

“Thank you, Fox. You look very nice in your black suit and white button shirt.”

“Thank you, Dana. I can’t wait to see Walter in his dress blues.” Fox said in a dreamily face. Fox realizes that he might need to encourage Walter wearing the dress blues more often and it is nothing new that Fox has a thing for men in uniforms.

“I am sure he will look handsome. He definitely has the physique for it.”


“What? I can definitely look.” Dana says and smirks at Fox’s astonishment.

“I guess. Just know that he is off-limits.”

“I know. I am just appreciating him from a far. Besides, you two will be very busy very soon.”

“It is true.” Fox says while absently rubbing his tummy area. “Oh, she is active today. I think she knows it’s a big day for her daddies.”

“Can I feel?”

“Yes, you can.” Fox moves closer to Dana as she reaches out her hand to rest it lightly on Fox’s tummy area. “It is amazing. How are things progressing with the pregnancy?”

“According to my two mother-hen doctors, everything is progressing according to normal, or what would pass for a normal female pregnancy. Since I am the first male pregnancy, they are using the female pregnancy guidelines somewhat loosely. In the next few days, I am supposed to be meeting with my specialist, Thor.” Fox did purposely leave out that this specialist was an alien that had advanced technology and was the reason why Fox was in his current predicament.

“At least you have two doctors who are keeping a close eye on you. I know Walter does keep close tabs on you, especially since he has become a bit more protective and possessive of you and your cub.”

“It is true. I feel like he keeps me on a leash, just so he knows that I will stay out of trouble. Unfortunately, it feels like trouble follows me regardless where I am or what I am doing.”

Dana chuckled because she knew only how true his statement was. The only sure way of keeping Fox out of trouble would be to chain him to bed but surely trouble would somehow find him there.

“What do you need me to do, Fox?”

“If you could please hold this ring, I would greatly appreciate it.” Fox hands Dana a skinny gold band. Dana took it and noticed the inscription of the day’s date and both of their initials.

“It is a nice ring. I take it that Walter has your ring.”

“Yes, he does. He will be giving it to Steven, who is his best man. Just like you are my best woman.” Fox smiled at the little joke.

“Well, I was honored that you asked me. Did you two have a bachelor party or anything?”

“Not really. It is not like I can drink alcohol with my current condition and we are not exactly known for our fraternity days where we were up all night partying. We did go out with some friends and relaxed with them but that was it. We did not even have a rehearsal dinner.” Mostly because SG-1 was late in getting back from a mission due to some misunderstandings between the locals and SG-1. Unfortunately, Fox was not able to go on the trip. As soon as Fox returned from the Pegasus Galaxy, Jack put him on desk duty until he went on maternity (or would it be paternity?) leave.

“Well, the circumstance are a bit unusual, even though I am SO happy for the both of you.”

“Thank you, Dana. Anyway, we should get going. Let me finish getting ready and we can head over.”

“Sounds good and I will drive us. Walter told me that I’m not allowed to let you drive, if I can help it.”

“Color me not surprised. I’ll be ready in about 10 minutes.”

Fox putters around the room and finishes getting ready. That night, Walter and Fox were returning to room for their wedding night. Once the cub is born, they have promised each other that they will take a proper honeymoon but for now, they are just going to keep to themselves in the hotel. Also, with the hotel being nearby the SGC, the doctors would be nearby, in case something goes wrong with the cub or Fox.

When they arrived at the park, it looked like everyone was there. Fox took the time to introduce everyone to each other. Fox realized that Dana did not really know the other guests but Fox told the others about Dana so they would be able to talk to each other.

Shortly before the ceremony, Fox goes off to the side with Dana and tells her how they were going to be entering the ceremony. Walter will be waiting at the flower archway with Steven by his side and Jack at the head. Walter and Fox agreed that Jack would be presiding over the ceremony, much to Jack’s surprise. Jack tried to put up a fight but Fox really wore down his defenses. Fox has gotten too much practice with wearing down his superior’s defenses, thanks to his old boss, Walter Skinner.

After the music was queued up, Fox walked down the aisle with Dana by his side. Just before arriving at the flower arch, Dana veered off to the side with her mini bouquet of flowers. The music stopped and Jack performed the ceremony. It was a short one but Fox and Walter were able to say their vows and perform the bell ceremony, which is an Irish tradition. During the ceremony, the guests could see Fox tearing up at a few times but no one commented on it.

After the ceremony, people said their congratulations and then they got into their cars and headed to O’Malleys for the rest of the festivities. Steven took it upon himself to drive Fox and Walter to O’Malleys, with Carson in the passenger seat.

At O’Malleys, they had dinner and got into conversation about work and various other topics, so Dana did not feel left out.

Sam noticed Walter and Fox dancing and commented to Teal’c, “Aren’t they so cute together? Granted, I wouldn’t have minded getting my claws into Fox but I know how much he loves Walter.”

Teal’c arches his eyebrow at Sam and says, “Indeed. Fox Mulder does seem to be really happy and I know Walter Skinner is very pleased to be in a relationship with Fox Mulder and soon to be a father.”

“It is true. Their child will be so cute. I know she will grow up breaking hearts. I think they will have to try their hardest to keep the boys away from her.” Sam said with a slight smirk. She envied the girl to have parents like that.

“Indeed. Do you wish to have a child of your own?”

“If I can find the right partner, then yes. Otherwise, time will tell. My job doesn’t exactly make it easy on the social or family life.”

“Indeed. Maybe in time, we will be able to have a more normal life.”


“Would you like to dance, Samantha Carter?”

“I would be honored.” Sam takes Teal’c’s hand and he leads her to the mini dance floor. Both couples slow danced to the music.

A few hours later, Fox Mulder and Walter Skinner end up back at the hotel, thanks to Steven and Carson. When they opened their hotel room, they noticed rose petals and a bottle of non-alcoholic wine in a bucket by the bed.

Walter embraces Fox and whispers into his ear, “I love you very much, Fox Mulder and now you are stuck with me as your husband and father to our child.”

Fox tilts his head and whispers back, “I love you very much too, Walter Sergei Skinner. I am happy to be your partner in love and life.” Fox leans in and gently kisses Walter.

Soon, their kiss turns passionate and then end up spending the night making love to each other and only focusing on each other. They knew that if there was a real serious crisis going on that they would be contacted. Otherwise, the world would forget about Walter and Fox for a few days.


Author’s note: So my muse went on strike for a little while and the wedding didn’t turn out quite as wacky as I initially planned but it still works and it is a type of wedding that I think that Walter and Fox would have. 

In regards to the wedding bell thing, it is the thing that my husband and I did at our wedding since we did not want to do the unity candle. In Irish tradition, you have a small bell that you ring at the ceremony. The tradition goes that if you are arguing, one of the people in the couple can ring the bell and it would mean end of the argument and no one is at fault. Since I figure that there might be quite a few fights/arguments in Walter and Fox’s future, I figured that the tradition would work! =) 

I hope to have more of the story done soon so I can say that I have finally finished my Nano story. 

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I love writing slash fiction, especially if it deals with shifters and mythology. I use my Wordpress account for Writings in Progress and my Archive of Our Own Account for when a work is completed and has been betaed.
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