“And the Sniper Makes Three” – Chapter 5

Warning: mpreg, angst, language, Schmoopiness, fainting

Rating: PG-13/R


Once Charlie and Ian are in the cabin, Charlie keeps trying to start the conversation but he ends up stuttering or fidgeting with something.

“You might want to sit. I have some big news.”

“I’m guessing it has to do wtih your abdominal area?” Ian asks somewhat hesitantly. Ian sits down on the couch and Charlie sits near him but he puts some space between the two of them so Ian can not so easily strangle him.

“Yes, you are correct. Just remember that the news that I’m about to tell you is like one in a million, if not more. About two months ago, I found out that I’m pregnant.”

“Very funny. Men can’t get pregnant.” Ian tries to think of it as a practical joke but he sees the seriousness in Charlie’s eyes. “You aren’t joking are you?”

“I wish I was. As far as I know, you are the father since I haven’t had any other sex, except with you. The timing also fits wtih when we last made love with each other. I doubt this was an immaculate conception.”

“But..but…” Ian says before he faints.

At least I had him sit down first. I figured it would be too much for him. Hell, it was too much for me. If I didn’t trust Helen so much, I would have my doubts too. Helen has been a godsend in all of this. I will let him be and hope he revives himself soon.’ Charlie mused with himself.

About an hour later, Ian wakes up and starts to talk.

“Charlie, am I remembering correctly about you saying that you are pregnant?”

“Yes, I am. I am about a little more than 4 months pregnant at this point.”

“Who is your doctor? I assumed you did not go to your primary?”

“Well, I did at first but when he could not find anything and I was realized that my symptoms seemed to be similar to a woman being pregnant, I took a chance and called one of my other good friends. She is a medical doctor but she specializes in the abnormal.”

“Who?” Ian has met some of Charlie’s friends but he does not remember meeting anyone that fit that description.

“Helen Magnus. You haven’t met her, unless through other ways. She and I met when I was living in England and she follows my work in the mathematics area. She has proven to be a good, trustworthy friend over the years.”

“Fair enough. But why did you leave without telling me about this first?”

“Well, you are taking the news a bit better than I expected but I still did not know if I wanted to keep the child or not. Before you ask, no, we do not know how this happened. Helen is doing some research into it and she did take some blood and skin samples for her research.”

“Calm down. I trust you.” Ian reaches out and tries to hug Charlie. As he leans in, Charlie’s tummy gets in the way a little bit. Ian looks down and tentatively reaches out to touch Charlie’s protuding abdomen area.

“It is alright. You can feel for yourself but I don’t think you will feel the fetus kicking yet. I do believe that happens next month or so.”

“So our child is actually growing in there?” Ian says softly while gently gliding his hand over Charlie’s protuding tummy.

“That is what Helen told me. Actually, next week, I am due to go and visit her. Do you want to come with me? She mentioned that we might get to use the ultrasound and may be able to see the sex of the child.”

“Yes, I would love to.” Ian says while his cheeks blush a little bit. “I’m actually on leave for a few weeks.”

“What? Why?” Charlie said in shocked tone. He has never heard of Ian taking such a long time. Charlie wonders if it was due to choice or his superiors being pissed off at Ian over something.

“Well, see, I had this boyfriend who wasn’t responding to any phone calls and I couldn’t find him. I was worried that he was in trouble and needed help but I couldn’t be there for him.” Ian blushed further. “When Don confirmed that you were safe but needed to be by yourself, it calmed me a little to at least know that you weren’t kidnapped or seriously hurt. It did hurt me that you did not trust me with whatever the issue was. Shortly after I met with Don the first time around, I went on an assignment where I had to track an annoying guy through the mountain ranges and it took a long while. I almost messed up the assignment.” Charlie gasped. As far as Charlie knew, Ian never messed up when he was in tracker and sniper mode. Charlie liked the fact that he had the effect on Ian but Charlie wished that it would not cost Ian’s life as a result. “Anyway, when I got back from the assignment where I did get the guy in the end, I told my superiors that I needed some personal time. Since I haven’t taken a whole lot lately, they were willing to give me 3 weeks. I had hoped that within the 3 weeks that I would be able to find you or at least talk to you over the phone so I knew what was going on. After I gave them my vacation notice, I went to check-in with Don to see if he had heard anyhting. While I was in his office, Blair called to give him an update and to let him know to contact me because Blair thought that you could use some company for a little while. I was more than happy to oblige.”

“I guess I owe Blair another “thank you”. I was somewhat dreading telling you the news because I did not want this to be the end of our relationship but I was not sure how you would respond to this. Also, with your job, I wasn’t sure where…”

“Where what?”

“Where myself and the baby would fit? I know you love your job and I am not asking you to give it up but it is not quite a family-friendly job.”

“True. I could see about being based in LA and be the primary teacher for the snipers at Quantico. Since Quantico gets them in batches, I would be able to go and visit them for a month or so at a time. For the rest of the time, I could be based in LA so that I would be with you and the baby. I would have to take assignments from time to time but I could talk to my supervisors and lowering my quota, except for extreme emergencies. Does that sound more feasible?”

“Yes, it does but I don’t want you to give up your work. I know that you love what you do.”

“I also love you and our child. I would give up anything to be with the both of you.”

Ian leans over slowly and gently kisses Charlie’s mouth. After a few minutes, Charlie opens his lips and slips his tongue into Ian’s mouth and they both moan. When they come up for air, they are both panting hard.

“Do you want to take a nap now? Depending on how big the bedroom bed is, we could cuddle?” Ian says softly while he gently rubbed Charlie’s cheeks with his thumbs.

Charlie turns his head and gently kisses Ian’s palm. “Yes, that would be lovely. The bed is King-sized so we should be fine.”

Ian helps Charlie get up and Charlie leads Ian into the bedroom, where they have a restful nap while cuddling each other.


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I love writing slash fiction, especially if it deals with shifters and mythology. I use my Wordpress account for Writings in Progress and my Archive of Our Own Account for when a work is completed and has been betaed.
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2 Responses to “And the Sniper Makes Three” – Chapter 5

  1. ElfQueen says:

    Don’t know why Charlie was worried. Ian is a bad ass stoic. He looks at shit shakes his head and keeps on trucking. 😀 Yay for cuddles. *discretely passes out mutant feed*

  2. Ginger says:

    Again, HOW is he prego? I need to know.

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