“Yes, Mulder, Aliens Really Do Exist” – Part 44

Warning: Mpreg, Language, Silliness, Angst, Scully-science

Rating: PG-13/R


Two days after Fox and Walter returned from their trip to Atlantis, Walter was given the go-ahead to inform Scully about the Stargate Program. They needed to leave some of the details out but they could at least invite Scully to the wedding and Fox could show her his current condition.

Mulder picks up the nearest office phone and calls Scully.


“Hi Dana. How are you?”

“Fox! How are you? How was your trip with Walter?” While Scully did initially have some issues about Fox’s realtionship with Walter, she was coming around to the fact.

“It was very eventful but we are happy to be home again. We were wondering if you had time to see us either tonight or tomorrow?”

“This is a bit last minute. I should be wrapping up things soon at Quanitco. Can I meet you at Walter’s apartment in the DC area?”

“Sure, that can work. How about in 3 hours? Would that work and will provide the food?”

“Sounds good. I take it that Walter will be coming along too.”

“Yes, he will. I hope that is alright.”

“It is fine. Is everything alright?”

“For the most part, yes. Everything will be explained tonight.”

“Ok. See you soon.”

Mulder hangs up the phone and turns to Skinner.

“Can we snag a ride on the Daedalus by using their beaming technology? It is not like we would want to use military or commercial air to get there.”

“It is true. Let me ask Steven. I’m sure he would be willing to give us a hand, especially since I know he has been really cautious due to your medical condition.” Skinner softly smiles at his partner and then wraps him in a tight hug.

“Let me finish up my reports for the day, while you go and talk to Steven. How is he and Carson doing these days?”

“They seem to be getting over the tough patch and I know Carson has become a LOT more attentive to Steven, which makes Steven a very happy man.” It had hurt Walter to see Steven so unhappy but he did not feel right confronting Carson about the issue. He was happy to see that Carson did end up getting the “clue-phone” in the end.

“Pick me up in about 2 hours so we have some time at your apartment before Scully arrives?”

“Ok. See you then.” Walter kisses Fox  before leaving Fox’s office to track down Steven.

Two hours later, Walter swings by Fox’s office to see him napping in his office chair with his face plastered on his desk.

“Fox, sweetie, it is time for us to go back to DC to meet up with Scully.”

“Wha–Oh, it’s time to go to DC?” Fox groggily looks up at Walter.

“Yes, come on. You can nap a little more when we get to DC.”


Fox Mulder slowly gets up from the chair and grabs hold of Walter while they move to their bedroom on the mountain to collect their clothing. They wanted to spend the night in DC but needed to bring some clothes and toiletries with them.

After they collected their items, Walter places a call to Steven who beams them to Walter’s apartment in DC area.

Once Walter has Fox settled in the bedroom, Walter quickly runs out to the supermarket to pick up some items for nibbles, dinner and refreshments. Walter also picks up some of the things that Fox has been craving for so he does not whine at Walter later on. When Walter gets back to the apartment, he goes about getting dinner going so it will be ready for shortly after Scully arrives.

Walter admits to himself that he is a bit nervous about how the meeting with Scully will go. Walter knows that if Scully isn’t nice towards Mulder, after the initial shock, then he would have no qualms about kicking her out of their apartment. Walter knows that Fox has been very emotionally and physically vulnerable lately due to the expedition to Atlantis and his current “medical” condition. As a result, it has brought out Walter’s possessive and protective side.

Shortly before Scully was due to arrive, Skinner goes into the bedroom and tries to wake-up Mulder but to no avail. Mulder just mumbles something and turns over to go back to sleep. Skinner knows that Mulder hasn’t been sleeping as well at night due to the cub tap dancing on his bladder. Skinner realizes that he will have to entertain Scully by himself for a little while.

Short while later, the doorbell rung. Walter goes and answers the door.

“Sir.” Scully says in a curt tone.

“Agent Scully. Please feel free to call me Walter tonight.”

“Then you must call me Dana.” Scully steps through the door and takes off her coat that she hands to Walter to hang up in the nearby coat closet.

“How are the X-files doing these days?” Walter tries to stick to the safe topics for as long as he can because he knows that you do not want to be on the wrong side of Scully’s temper.

“They are going well. I still miss Fox’s insights and theories about the various cases. He was always good about spotting which ones are fake and which ones should be investigated further.”

“It is true. As much of a pain in the ass he was, he was a very dedicated agent and his passion was the X-files.”

“That is very true. Speaking of Fox, where is he?”

“He is taking a nap. I tried to wake him up not too long ago but I wasn’t very successful.”

“Actually, you were. I was just being extra lethargic.” Mulder said hoarsely as  he was slowly entering the room. He had heard the doorbell so he knew that Scully was present. Walter tried to get up from his seat to help his lover but Mulder tells him to stay.

Scully turns to look at Mulder and gasps. “Fox, what is the matter with you?”

“I would like to say a moving tumor but I know Walter would hate that.”

“If you were female, I would be asking you when your due date is.”

“Funny you should mention that.” Fox replied with a slight laugh.

“What do you mean?” Scully asked cautiously.

“I’m pregnant with our baby. I’m about 6 months along at this point. We are expecting a girl.”

“You are what? Are you sure you are not on drugs?”

“Positive. Here, you can see the latest ultrasound scan that we have. It’s about three weeks old at this point.”

Mulder reaches into his pant’s pocket and pulls out the scan.

“This is amazing. How did it happen? Why did it happen to you, Fox?”

“Let’s just say that we had some unexpected help from friends with this little adventure but don’t expect other males to become pregnant.”

“Wow. This is huge. Is this why we needed to meet tonight?”

“Not entirely. This weekend, Walter and I are going to get married in Colorado. We would love for you to be there.”

“This weekend? Why so soon?”

Walter responds, “My brother will be leaving on a long trip next week and we would like him and his boyfriend to be present for it. We do realize it is short notice. We only got back into town about 2 days ago.”

“Your brother?” Scully responded shocked.

“Yes, I have a twin brother.”

Scully raises her eyebrow at him.

“Long story. Anyway, we have bought a plane ticket for you, in hopes that you can attend the wedding. Due to Mulder’s condition, we can not allow you to bring someone along with you.”

“I completely understand. I am not seeing anyone at the moment so it is alright.”

Walter hands Scully the plane ticket. “The wedding will be at 5 pm on Saturday on the hill top in Colorado Springs, where we have been stationed for the past few months. Some of our work friends will be there but it will be a small. private ceremony, especially since it won’t be legal. We are doing this for ourselves and so I can make an honest man out of Fox.” As Walter kept talking, he turns and smiles at Mulder.

“I will be there, unless a big case gets dropped in my lap.”

“It sounds good. We greatly appreciate you attending the wedding.”

“So, do you know the sex of the baby?”

“Yes, it is a girl. For the moment, we are calling the baby, “cub”, since it is more or less a baby fox for now.”

Scully snickers. “That sounds like you, Fox. I am very happy for the both of you. I know you both will be wonderful parents.”

“Thank you, Dana.” Mulder gets up from his chair and waddles over to Scully to hug her awkwardly due to the present state of his tummy.

“Shall we eat dinner and catch-up on each other’s lives?” Walter offered in his natural host tone.

“Sounds great. Thank you.”

Scully reluctantly leaves Mulder side to walk over to the dining room table to eat. The rest of the evening goes well and a couple of hours later, Scully leaves. Shortly after the dishes are done, they end up in bed cuddling each other.

Mulder turns his head and places a soft kiss to Walter’s lips. “Thank you. I know you did not like how Scully responded to our relationship but thank you for letting me invite her to our wedding and letting her know about my circumstance. It means a lot to me.”

“Your welcome. You know I will always do anything to make you happy.” Walter leans in and kisses Fox some more on the lips.

“We should sleep so we are both at our best for tomorrow. We only have a few days to pull a wedding together.”

“Luckily, we are doing a very basic wedding so it shouldn’t take us very long to do it.”

“Fair enough but it does require time and energy, which I know you do not have a whole lot of these days.”

“I know. Thank you for tonight. I love you.”

“I love you too. Sweet dreams, my love.” Walter leans over and kisses Fox one more time before snuggling behind Fox with his arm wrapped protectively over Fox’s tummy.


Author’s note: My Naked Nano bunny is back with a vegenance. Yes, the next chapter will be the wedding of Fox Mulder to Walter Skinner. I’m hoping to do the wedding in somewhat similar style to the one in the episode titled “200”. Whether or not I pull it off will be a different issue. If you are not aware of the wedding, then never mind.

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